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Have you been thinking about purchasing the Coach Medium Black & White Signature Stripe Tote Bag, but just aren’t sure that it’s the right bag for you? Well let me tell you more about it, and hopefully you’ll then be able to decide if it’s a bag that you have to have or not.

To start with, it’s a canvas bag that is approximately 13″ x 10″ x 4″, meaning that it’s a pretty decent size bag, and you’ll be able to fit quite a bit inside it. It has a zip top closure, meaning that you won’t have to worry about any of your belongings sticking out, so no one will be able to just stick their hand in your purse and take anything out.

On the inside, there is a fully lined interior with an inside zipper pocket as well as a cell phone storage holder, so you won’t have to worry about losing your cell phone inside the handbag. Anytime your phone rings, you’ll know exactly where to find it.

The straps give you approximately a 7″ drop, meaning it will come up right under your shoulder, which is great if you want to keep the bag close to you so that you don’t have to worry about anyone trying to unzip it or take it.

One of the greatest things about this Coach handbag is that it has the signature Coach logo which looks great all over this bag. It’s in black, meaning that you’ll be able to use this as your go-to bag, and not have to worry about whether it will match an outfit or not. It will go with anything you wear.

While I would not wear this Coach purse with something very dressy, this handbag is definitely great for both casual use as well as business use. You could easily use this bag during the day at work, and then when you go out at night. It will fit right in and look great for both occasions.

Another great thing about the Signature Coach Tote Bag is that it’s timeless. Some purses you can tell are “last season” just months later. You’ll be able to use this purse for a long time, and it won’t look dated at all, so you won’t have to replace it.

As of this posting, this purse is currently in the top 50 of best selling purses on Amazon, and one of the top 10 best selling totes on Amazon. That goes to show that it’s a timeless purse, and that you’ll love having it and using it. Don’t worry about it being “too popular” though. Since most people have multiple purses, and Amazon sells all over the world, it is unlikely you will come across many people using the same purse as you.

If you do decide to buy this purse or another, just make sure that it is an authentic Coach purse, as there are many places that will sell fakes. How do you make sure that it is authentic? Only buy it from somewhere that is reputable. A Coach store or outlet is definitely reputable, as is a website like and other well known sites. Just be wary of buying a Coach bag (or any other designer handbag) from someplace you never heard of and haven’t seen reviews of, and remember that if a price is too good to be true, there is usually a reason for that.

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