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If you’re a big fan of Disney, and a big fan of Dooney and Bourke, boy do I have something incredible to tell you. Disney has gotten together with Dooney and Bourke, and have created a really cute line of handbags for them.

Each features Disney in some way or another. But don’t worry. These purses are definitely not designed for kids! For example, there are purses that have the Mickey Mouse silhouette on them. Others have Disney type “stuff”, and others have Mickey Mouse’s face on them.

They are all very simple, and do not look childish at all. So you don’t need to worry (or even think for one second) that someone will see the purse and think it was meant for a child. This Disney part is somewhat subtle on most of the purses, and you will really fall for them. They are all really cute, and even if someone is not a big fan of designer purses, if you love everything Disney, I am sure that you will want one of these, just like I do.

What’s even better, is you used to only be able to get these Disney Dooney and Bourke Handbags if you went to Walt Disney World in Orlando, or Disneyland in California. Now Disney has them on their website, as part of their line of “Park Exclusive” items, so you can still buy one even if you are nowhere near a Disney property.

They are on their second series of Disney handbags, and considering how much people like them, I am hopeful that they will come out with more soon.

I’m sure you’ll have a problem figuring out which one is your favorite!

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